October 2020 Community Update

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Coming to you with the second Lunch Pail community update. We started this practice last month and couldn't be more excited to bring you the next one!

Highlights from last month:

  • Beat out revenues from our previous best month by +95% and +9% to our sales pipeline
  • Worked on some new partnerships with startup/incubator programs and no-code platforms (lookout for some announcements coming soon!)

Lunch Pail's focus next month:

We didn't make a ton of progress on some of our goals last month and didn't publish a lot of content, hoping to share more articles addressing questions and areas of confusion we're hearing in conversations.

  • Templates: we've spent the past few months working with early teams, hearing the struggles that nontechnical folk face as they build products (even without code). Hoping to share these learnings with the community in a structured way.
  • Closing new partnerships and looking forward to sharing those soon!
  • Expanding our team! We're currently looking for some low-code engineers to work with us on client projects on a freelance/part-time basis. If that interests you, please reach out at work@lunchpaillabs.com for more details.

Shout Outs:

Some social media love from last month.

Cool Finds this Month:

📱-apps 🛠 - Conferences 🎧 - podcasts

  • 📱 Lucid - for visual summaries of books

That's all for now. Until next time!

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