November 2020 Community Update

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I hope our U.S readers had a restful holiday and that everyone else elsewhere in the world had a great month of November. Coming to you with the third Lunch Pail Community update. Check out last month's community update here.

Highlights from Last Month:

  • We hosted two no-code workshops in November. One was a no-code workshop with Story Labs, and the other was a workshop on no-code automation with the community at The Lola.

  • We're officially a Typeform partner agency; check out the announcement here.

  • We joined Bubble's agency partner program last month, but you can peep us on the agency directory here now. 🎉

Lunch Pail's focus next month:

  • Workshop 2.0: We've been getting more requests for these, so I'll spend time tightening up our presentation and hopefully open-sourcing a version for anyone to watch.

  • Rest & Reflection: We'll be spending December reflecting on 2020 and mapping out 2021 goals. I'm personally a big fan of vision boarding and enjoying some quality family time.

Cool finds this month:

  • Tutorial: Wrapping a no-code bubble app into a native mobile app

  • Tutorial: Turning a bubble app into a mac app with electron

  • Digital Product: System Flow a new UI framework for Webflow and Figma

That's all for now. Our next update will be coming out in early January. Have a wonderful holiday and see you in 2021 ✌🏿

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