January 2021 Community Update

We made it to 2021 🎉. I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. The year of all years is over, here's to hoping for a more hopeful 2021 😅.

Highlights from last month

  • December was a record-breaking revenue month for Lunch Pail and we've 10x'd our very first money-making which was earlier n 2020.   Happy to see some growth and can't wait to continue the mojo in 2021.

  • Started a daily podcast to share Lunch Pail updates and lessons. The episodes are short 5-8 minutes that I typically publish in the morning.

What we're focused on next month

  • Automations for solopreneurs: I learned a ton in 2020 and while Lunch Pail is technically a product studio (investments, consulting, and products) we neglected a bit of the own products piece in 2020. I'm trying to get into more of that in 2021 by launching a product experiment every month.

  • New Systems: We're adding a few new daily habits to 2021. Check out this podcast episode to learn more. Next month, will be focusing on the new  routines and onboarding some new clients. 

  • Doing some flywheel thinking: We do a lot of different things but it's all in service of supporting product that matter (more about why we exist here). That being said it's a lot and we're still a small team (really just me full time for now). Next month, I'll be doing some more focused thinking on the activities that we're engaged in and how they can strengthen each other.  Great read on a company that does this particularly well is here.

Cool Finds last month

  • Site: Women To Done a support platform and network for Women Founders starting and running socially conscious, for-profit business by Yolanda

    • Bubble is our no-code weapon of choice at Lunch Pail, we're really big fans of the platform Bubble Developer Kit is a great collection of plugins to extended bubble's functionality

    That's all for now, see you all in February ✌🏿

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